Washing Your Car to Improve Its Lifespan

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Washing Your Car to Improve Its Lifespan

When I bought my first car, my father gave me an important piece of advice. He told me to wash the vehicle every week in order to keep it safe from rust and other damage. I thought that it was a valuable tip, so I followed his instructions to the letter of the law. Now 20 years later, my car still looks nice, while a lot of my friends' cars look like they were pulled out of a lake at some point. This blog is all about washing your car and getting it detailed to improve its lifespan and to keep it looking incredible.


Taking Your Car Out Of Long-Term Storage? Get Exterior Detailing Service

When you put your vehicle in long-term storage, you may have invested a lot of time and effort into making sure that you could come back to a working vehicle. It may take some work to prepare the vehicle for driving after you remove it from long-term storage, but the main thing you may be worried about is how it looks from the outside after being put away for so long. Read More 

Five Mistakes To Avoid When You Use Automatic Car Washes

Automatic car washes are very convenient and fast ways to get your car exterior looking clean and shiny again. However, you need to take care when you use them to avoid some potentially costly mistakes. The following are five mistakes to avoid when you use an automatic car wash to clean your vehicle's exterior: 1. Relying solely on an automatic car wash to keep your vehicle exterior looking good While an automatic car wash is an effective means of keeping your vehicle clean, you shouldn't rely solely on automatic washes to keep your vehicle looking good. Read More