Washing Your Car to Improve Its Lifespan

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Washing Your Car to Improve Its Lifespan

When I bought my first car, my father gave me an important piece of advice. He told me to wash the vehicle every week in order to keep it safe from rust and other damage. I thought that it was a valuable tip, so I followed his instructions to the letter of the law. Now 20 years later, my car still looks nice, while a lot of my friends' cars look like they were pulled out of a lake at some point. This blog is all about washing your car and getting it detailed to improve its lifespan and to keep it looking incredible.


Five Things You Shouldn't Assume About Fast Carwash Services

Fast carwash services make it convenient to keep your car looking great. Don't make assumptions about car washing and cleaning that discourage you from taking advantage of the benefits of routine carwash services. The following are five things you shouldn't assume about fast carwash services. 

Getting your car washed is just about aesthetics

While you might think that the only benefits of routine carwashes are aesthetic benefits, washing your vehicle's body regularly can actually prevent rust development over time. Rust can spread from your auto body to the mechanical components of your vehicle, eventually causing mechanical damage. That's why your carwash habits can impact the life span of your vehicle's mechanical components. 

You don't need to wash your car until it begins to look dirty

There are a lot of possible types of debris that could be on your vehicle without you noticing. Your car might look clean, but road grime, dust, salt, and pollen could be collecting on your body's frame and undercarriage that will build up over time.

Routine maintenance cleanings keep debris from accumulating to the point that it is harder to eventually remove when you finally have your vehicle washed. You should therefore get on a regular wash schedule and take advantage of fast carwash services even if your vehicle doesn't look particularly dirty at the moment. 

You won't get as effective a wash from a fast carwash service as you would at home in your driveway

A professional carwash service will most likely be able to give you a more effective clean than you can get on your own at home. A professional carwash service won't necessarily mean a less effective wash just because it is fast and convenient. 

Waxing your auto body is a waste of time and money

Having your auto body waxed protects it from damage from certain types of damage. If you wax your auto body regularly, it will be less susceptible to damage from street salt, UV rays, precipitation, bird droppings, and more. 

You have to clean your car's interior yourself

Cleaning the interior of your vehicle is important for everyday comfort for you and your passengers. Fortunately, a lot of fast carwash services will clean both the outside and the inside of your vehicle if you request for them to do so. 

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