Washing Your Car to Improve Its Lifespan

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Washing Your Car to Improve Its Lifespan

When I bought my first car, my father gave me an important piece of advice. He told me to wash the vehicle every week in order to keep it safe from rust and other damage. I thought that it was a valuable tip, so I followed his instructions to the letter of the law. Now 20 years later, my car still looks nice, while a lot of my friends' cars look like they were pulled out of a lake at some point. This blog is all about washing your car and getting it detailed to improve its lifespan and to keep it looking incredible.


Five Things You Shouldn’t Assume About Fast Carwash Services

Fast carwash services make it convenient to keep your car looking great. Don't make assumptions about car washing and cleaning that discourage you from taking advantage of the benefits of routine carwash services. The following are five things you shouldn't assume about fast carwash services.  Getting your car washed is just about aesthetics While you might think that the only benefits of routine carwashes are aesthetic benefits, washing your vehicle's body regularly can actually prevent rust development over time. Read More 

Spot-Free Rinse System | What Is It And How Does It Work?

Ever wonder why a car wash leaves your vehicle spot-free while all your hard work at home results in a spotty finish? The secret is in the spot-free rinse system. Here's what you need to know. What causes water to spot after washing a car?  When water evaporates, it leaves behind any dissolved minerals, which bond with the paint, metal, or glass on your vehicle, damaging the clear coat in the process. Read More 

Products For Your Car Wash And Detail Stations

If you own and operate a car wash and auto detailing center and have seen a loss in profits lately, the equipment that you currently own may be to blame. People who are going to be equipped with self-service options may prefer to be supplied with an array of cleaning and detailing products that will improve the appearance of their vehicles. Automatic Dispensers A car wash that will require your patrons to drive through a wash station should be equipped with automatic dispensers. Read More